Patricia Gary to Speak at the EBC Third Annual New England Climate Change and Resiliency Summit

Patricia Gary will be a speaker at the Environmental Business Council New England’s Third Annual New England Climate Change and Resiliency Summit on Friday, July 23, 2021.

Trish will present at the morning session regarding the professional standard of care and climate liablity, including:

  • The impacts from climate change are already occurring, creating new design challenges.
  • Recent case studies illustrate that “reasonably foreseeable” future conditions are changing the legal standards for the design and construction of new infrastructure, and renovation of existing structures.
  • Effective risk management requires design professionals to evaluate the robustness of design, and the evolving professional standard of care,  to  ensure resiliency over the design life of the project.
  • Design professionals should address their professional liability risks through effective contracting practices, risk management, and insurance coverage strategies.

About the EBC Climate Change and Resilency Summit:

The third annual EBC New England Regional Climate Change and Resiliency Summit will provide cutting-edge and actionable insights into ways in which climate change is driving climate resilience work across New England, including the prospects for federal funding to support adaptation and mitigation projects, the key social and economic forces that can be expected to drive accelerated resiliency efforts, and some examples of regional and business-scale initiatives that exemplify response to climate change through adaptation and mitigation.

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