Erica Mastrangelo

Of Counsel


Personal experience. Envisioning the big picture. Understanding the nuances and impacts litigation can have on a business and the lives of those who are running it. These qualities set Erica apart from other business litigators. Having experienced first-hand the life cycle of a business, Erica is uniquely able to provide the type of bespoke practice of law clients need and to serve as a true business partner throughout the litigation process.

Erica Mastrangelo is Of Counsel to the firm in the business litigation department. Erica has worked with a variety of clients ranging from start-up to mature companies. Her business acumen coupled with her understanding of the law and the interplay between the two allow her to provide her clients with applicable, approachable and accurate legal advice. Erica has particular experience with shareholder disputes, freeze-outs, complex contractual disputes, as well as licensing and regulatory matters. She has represented a full spectrum of clients ranging from the largest e-commerce vaping and clothing companies to railroad and rail car manufacturers.